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[12:00am] Grizzly : :) But Im coming to get it back
[12:00am] Grizzly : Imagine is taking my money
[12:00am] Grizzly : I need to accept the facts
[12:00am] Grizzly : I decided tody not gonna jump those runners no more... wait till it cools down and pick up the slack on the bottom if I miss it then oh well I just cant get that part yet ....
[12:00am] smoots : Nice 5 day on AKTX
[12:00am] Grizzly : Coulda banked right before the close for a few bucks ended up sell for the same pretty much anyway
[12:00am] Grizzly : No I got before close at 2.44 then it dipped annd ripped then dipped hard at the close
[12:00am] Imagine : my mistake
[12:00am] Imagine : hmmm thought you were adding
[12:00am] Grizzly : Just in case yeah never know can get hit sometimes
[12:00am] Grizzly : I was just trying to set sell at 2.60 for the night
[12:00am] Imagine : etrade did you favor aft hrs not executing your buy
[12:00am] Grizzly : it was actually 2.521
[12:00am] Grizzly : lucky lol
[12:00am] Grizzly : sold at open 2.53
[12:00am] Grizzly : FNMA holding up
[12:00am] Imagine : wack day,nothing holdin gains
[12:00am] Grizzly : DNR :S come on baby hold here
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : GAHC holding the highs so ready for that penny test
[12:00am] smoots : Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!
[12:00am] Imagine : nukes = mine is bigger than yours
[12:00am] smoots : Well, true, no nuke is considered small!
[12:00am] Imagine : CNXS marchin
[12:00am] Grizzly : smh
[12:00am] Imagine : small nukes lmao
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : AMLH back to green here ready to rip
[12:00am] smoots : I dont think they will use the big nukes, i think they will stratigically place small ones to cause complete caos, marshall law, gun confiscation. They know they must take away our ability to fight.
[12:00am] Imagine : bend over far as you can kiss your butt good bye
[12:00am] Grizzly : yup I said that before peeps be fightin for clean water
[12:00am] Imagine : water be glowing
[12:00am] Imagine : they`ll be fried,,,hope you like crispy food
[12:00am] Grizzly : Prolly burn money to keep warm since it will be worthless
[12:00am] Grizzly : as long as theres live animals and Fish I got no worries
[12:00am] Imagine : BTSC continues
[12:00am] Grizzly : At least I do know I can live without power and outside help
[12:00am] Imagine : push button/flip switch you not gonna need a market
[12:00am] Grizzly : I think world war 1 was like 5 months down ??
[12:00am] Grizzly : Markets could close fron it too
[12:00am] Imagine : any of those bozos can wake up any day and flip the switch,,,they don`t care
[12:00am] smoots :
[12:00am] Grizzly : All for money and religion (Cults)
[12:00am] Imagine : at least 4 countries being effed with by usa now no lack of enemies
[12:00am] smoots : They always looking foe an enemy so they can protect us, if they cant find one they create one
[12:00am] Grizzly : Thats why Im moving to the woods
[12:00am] Imagine : they in a war zone already won`t take much pratice
[12:00am] smoots : When they yell just a drill, things get crazy.
[12:00am] Imagine : nuke survival thingy in ny nj
[12:00am] smoots : No really, look it up, Operation Gotham Shield.
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : AMLH Nice little consolidation day here no more large walls on the ask so the next big flury of buying we move
[12:00am] Grizzly : NIce Smoots Whoop Whoop
[12:00am] smoots : the clowns and the jokers are going to raise their heads again , operation "gotham shield" mon. tue.
[12:00am] Grizzly : was reading about this guy killed his whole family then went to the brokers office killed 6 more drove to another office killed 4 more and then himself ... all from the stress of trading
[12:00am] Grizzly : its gone brah just trading on the info in front of me
[12:00am] Imagine : rant on bro rant on,,,luv the stress coming out,,,be free
[12:00am] Grizzly : Its friday mofos .. We made it thru another week no one dead
[12:00am] Grizzly : :)
[12:00am] Grizzly : I mean only a full retard would keep holding PTX right ??
[12:00am] Grizzly : and if I spell chit wrong 90% of the time its cuz I mean to just so yall know Im not completey retarded just a little never go full retard
[12:00am] Grizzly : comical
[12:00am] Grizzly : I love it
[12:00am] Imagine : lol
[12:00am] Grizzly : on the boards just some people if you got nothing to do but argue with outhers you TRADING wrong mofo
[12:00am] Grizzly : Shorts and longs battling it out on PTX lmao
[12:00am] Grizzly : if I dont say I thin PTX got a little up trend happening
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : GAHC seeking new highs here
[12:00am] Grizzly : oh well
[12:00am] Grizzly : .20 cent stop loss in place
[12:00am] Grizzly : out JNJ
[12:00am] Imagine : TOPS lil action
[12:00am] Grizzly : 20ma on PTX 30 minute keeps moving up :)
[12:00am] Grizzly : PTX pushing to 4$ mark again
[12:00am] Grizzly : Added some DNR 2.23 with 20 ma as stop on 30 min currently 2.20
[12:00am] Grizzly : Tough out there today
[12:00am] Imagine : TOPS SHIP etc
[12:00am] Grizzly : not in already in 2 atm
[12:00am] Imagine : re` GLBS watch other shipping plays too generally run together
[12:00am] Grizzly : WTTR Ipo
[12:00am] Grizzly : GLBS rocket
[12:00am] Grizzly : phat bids on it atm
[12:00am] Grizzly : DNR maybe some action
[12:00am] Grizzly : on 30 min
[12:00am] Grizzly : PTX finally just inside the bollies
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : GAHC solid accumulation here pennylandcoming
[12:00am] Grizzly : oh 20 ma moving up some more
[12:00am] Grizzly : PTX needs to crack that 3.96 topper
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : SRCO added some here first news since last summer should be worth much more
[12:00am] Grizzly : TGT worth a flip imo
[12:00am] Grizzly : RCKY nice ups today still riding those freebies
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : OPMZ 0064 HOD ready to roll here
[12:00am] Grizzly : little more
[12:00am] Grizzly : looking for 122 or more
[12:00am] Grizzly : 100 shares JNJ 121.60
[12:00am] Grizzly : Seriouosly
[12:00am] Imagine >13175 :
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : NPHC big catalyst next week petpainaway commercial relaunch of product
[12:00am] Grizzly : Also still reading my book
[12:00am] Grizzly : honestly looks like it could get blasted but watching taking note none the less
[12:00am] Grizzly : well my 20ma moving up PTX lol
[12:00am] Grizzly : Its for the blind so the results arent exactly clear
[12:00am] Imagine : did not know bb has crystal ball
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