Chart Alert – Nov 22, 2021

Chart Alert – Nov 22, 2021

AAGIY – AIA Group Ltd.

ARGQ – Argentum 47, Inc.

AVOI – Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc.

BASA – Basanite Inc

BDPT – Bioadaptives Inc.

BRNE – Borneo Resource Investments Ltd.

DKSC – Dakshidin Corp.

DRFS – Dr. Foods, Inc.

FLRE – Flameret Inc.

FUNN – Amfil Technologies, Inc.

GEGI – Genesis Electronics Group Inc.

HLRTF – Hillcrest Energy Technologies Ltd.

INCC – International Consolidated Cos Inc.

KNOS – Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc.

LBUY – Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc.

MLLOF – Medallion Resources Ltd.

MYHI – Mountain High Acquisitions Corp.

PTAM – Potash America Inc.

RKFL – RocketFuel Blockchain Inc.

SEKEY – Seiko Epson Corp.

SGTB – Suggestion Box Inc.

TELNY – Telenor ASA

TRRXF – TNR Gold Corp.

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