SUNW alerted on 09/23/20 at 0.7700
For a 493% Gains
Gained 493%


ADIL alerted on 09/29/20 at 1.4100
For a 183% Gains
Gained 183%


PSRU alerted on 09/30/20 at 0.0150
For a 710% Gains
Gained 710%

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Top Active Stocks
EVK   3.3500 2.7400 -18.21%
VISM   0.0012 0.0038 216.67%
YGYI   0.4900 0.7292 48.82%
APLD   0.0150 0.0240 60.00%
SCKT   3.7900 2.5500 -32.72%
CATV   0.0003 0.0003 0.00%
FRMA   0.0159 0.0170 6.92%
ACY   2.3500 2.1000 -10.64%
LYL   3.4400 2.9400 -14.53%
NWPN   0.0075 0.0088 17.33%


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